Sinfully Sweet

I’m a sucker for stories where the hero and/or heroine has a cool, interesting job. Lingerie designer? Awesome. Pastry chef? That’s cool too. Author? My dream job. So imagine my surprise when I picked up Sweet as Sin by Inez Kelley (Carina Press) and saw that the hero was an author and the heroine was a pastry chef — score!

After doing a little happy dance (in my mind, of course), I scorched my eyes with each turn of the [electronic] page because the scenes in this book were H-O-T! In addition to the spicy bedroom (and, ahem, pastry table) scenes, the emotional charge between the characters was intense with a capital ‘I.’ Trust me when I say this book was not your average romance; the emotional conflict and flawed characters take Sweet as Sin to the next level — a level that sets it apart from many contemporary romances currently out there. On the small chance that you need any more convincing, check out my official review on RT Book Reviews. Oh, and btw, 4.5 stars is the highest RT rating a book can get, so…yeah. Like I said, it is that damn good.

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