The Great Outdoors

When I was younger I used to go camping every summer with my abuelita (grandmother). Each trip lasted at least a week and our campsite was always located somewhere different — nestled in the California mountains, along lakes and freshwater streams, backpacking on the beach down the coastline… This past summer we took a trip to the Sierra Mountains and camped out for a week, just like old times. The days were filled with fishing and swimming in the lake, while the nights were filled with infinite stars and coyote howls. Ah, good times! People who know me are always surprised to find out that I am quite the nature-lover. From pitching my own tent, to carrying a 40lb pack, to even using the great outdoors as my personal commode, I definitely know how to “rough it.” I may like pink, but I’m definitely not your average girly-girl. :)

Anyway, I digress. All these outdoorsy thoughts were brought on after reading Rivertime by first-time author Rae Renzi. Ever since then I’ve been reminiscing about my past camping trips and have been seriously itching to get away again. If I could take another trip, I wouldn’t expect to meet and fall for a mystery man, but eating an ooey-gooey s’mores is a must!

Want to get away without having to deal with mosquitoes and no bathrooms? Pick up RiverTime and a bag of marshmallows (for s’mores) and camp out on the couch one afternoon. The end result will be just as good, trust me.

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