Computer Love

I recently had one of those days where I was chained to my desk, bored and restless with nothing to do. The clock seemed to be frozen and unfortunately for me, I still had a couple hours to kill. With my only outlet being the computer, I was itching for relief from mind-numbing boredom. Of course, there was the “let’s watch TV online” route, but what I was really in the mood for was a good story to delve into. This was one of those ├╝ber rare times where I didn’t have my kindle with me (believe me, I was kicking myself at the time), so I had no idea where to turn for books to read. Everyone knows where to watch their favorite shows online, but read a book? No clue.

That’s when I turned to good old Google.

Of course Harlequin turned up in the search — how could I have not thought of them in the first place?! They have everything from short stories to multiple chapters from an upcoming book to down right free reads. Awesome, right? Set Me Ablaze — don’t mind if I do.

I also came across another site that didn’t turn up in the search — DearReader lets you sign up for free excerpts delivered to your inbox so that you can either sample a story before buying it for yourself, or read the whole thing in just-the-right-amount portions. Plus, it seems like the perfect distraction when work gets stagnant and you don’t feel like answering the other 5,677 emails vying for your attention.

So, next time I’m stuck with nothing but a laptop and time to kill, I’ll know exactly where to go when I feel like escaping to a place filled with sexy cowboys, accidental babies and exotic locations.

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