Snacks For All Occasions

For me, the only thing better than curling up with a good book is curling up with a good book and a delicious snack to munch on while I read. Whether it’s cookies, hot tea, or even a bowl of yogurt, I find that eating (or drinking) while I read adds to the sensory experience. This becomes even more true when I come across scenes where the characters are eating or drinking something; if I’m not already snacking, this is when I quickly jump up to grab a bite — and usually end up imagining that I’m eating whatever the characters are eating.

While I usually end up eating whatever is available in the fridge/pantry, there are certain snacks I prefer and equate to certain books when I read them. That being said, if I had a picnic basket to accompany my fave books, it would look something like this:

First up on the menu, we’ve got a relaxing cup of hot tea. Preferably served while reading historicals — regency, medieval, etc. Think Lisa Kleypas and her Hathaways family series, or Julie Garwood’s Highland’s Lairds. With scenes filled with royal balls, crinoline dresses and elevated speech patterns, I can’t help but associate “tea time” with these posh bodice-rippers.

Then we’ve chocolate — more specifically, dark chocolate. I reserve the 60% proof cacao for paranormal romances. Just like the books, I find chocolate to be dark, sexy and (depending on what kind you get) a little wild… just like the characters in Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse series. Ever tasted chocolate with a hint of sea salt? Sounds odd, but believe me, the subtleness of the salt really brings out the chocolate flavor!

For all things erotic, I have to have — you got it — something spicy! Don’t worry, I don’t go too far overboard, but something as simple as chips and spicy salsa really does the trick. I break out the party platter whenever I get my hands on any Blaze novel, or something along the lines of Lora Leigh and her naughty Nauti boys. Mm…

Last on the list in the basket is popcorn. Light, airy and guilt-free — just like contemporary romances! This usually consists of my go-to arsenal of authors — Rachel Gibson, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Carly Phillips, Jennifer Crusie. But, regardless of the author, my one determining factor is this: if the heroine is a spitfire or the hero is a smart-ass, and the story makes me laugh-out-loud, then we’ve got a winner.

So there you have it — my picnic basket of ideal reading snacks. Of course, now that I’ve spent the last 400+ words talking about food, I now have a killer case of the munchies… go figure. While I mosey over to my old mother Hubbard kitchen, I leave you with these Roaming Questions —

ROAMING QUESTION: Do you like to snack while reading? If so, what’s your favorite food to munch on or drink to sip? What would you put in your reading picnic basket?

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