Law and Order

I am a crime show junkie. Criminal Minds, CSI, NCIS, plus all their spin-offs — you name it, I’ve seen it. Ever since a little show called Law and Order became mega-successful, it seems as if there’s been an influx in crime dramas (lucky me!). Now, whatever your macabre taste, there’s a show — and a sexy, quirky cast of characters — that goes with it. One of the major upsides to being addicted to these type of shows is that they always seem to air in marathons, further enabling my addiction and gluing me to the couch to waste away another Saturday (or Sunday… or Monday… you get the point!).

Due to a severe (and unexpected) thunderstorm today, I was forced to abandon all previous plans and replace them with a day spent inside. I begrudgingly flipped on the TV and was immediately greeted with a familiar tune and a memorable DOING-DOING, reminding me of a book I recently reviewed for RT Book Reviews. Carol Stephenson’s Courting Disaster is an action-packed romantic suspense, featuring a criminal defense attorney named Carling Dent who’s up against the clock as she tries to solve her own case. While I had a few hang-ups about the plot, the story is solid and will keep readers anxious to find out whodunnit.

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