Review: Full Blast by Janet Evanovich & Charlotte Hughes

Full Blast (Full Series, #4)Full Blast by Janet Evanovich

Full series #4 // 344 pp. // Contemp. Romance // St. Martin’s // Apr. 2004

GOODREADS SUMMARY: There’s never a dull moment for the residents of Beaumont, South Carolina. Lately, a heat wave’s spiked the mercury-and everyone’s sex drive! These days, when Jamie runs into Max, it’s all she can do not to tear his clothes off-and the feeling is mutual. But trouble seems to follow Max like moths to a flame, and Jamie suspects he’s all wrong for her. Meanwhile, the lingerie shop is having a sale on edible underwear, while the bakery’s selling aphrodisiac-laced brownies and x-rated birthday cakes. Even Jamie’s dog, Fleas, is dodging passes from the amorous French poodle next door! But when someone starts bumping off some of the town’s more annoying citizens, all clues lead straight to the new personals section in Jamie’s newspaper. Pretty soon, things are getting hot and heavy, as Max and Jamie start uncovering secrets-and undressing each other…

This was my first time reading a romance by the Evanovich/Hughes duo and it was okay. There were some entertaining aspects that made me smile and there were some blah parts that made it hard to get through.

Max is definitely my favorite aspect of of the book. I’ll admit, he seems a bit unrealistic – a little TOO perfect with his ├╝ber richness, his computerized car with a personality, his private jet, etc… But he comes across as a genuinely nice guy who is pretty down to earth for someone who has it all. His sister Dee Dee, on the other hand, is like nails on a chalkboard for me. She may only be a secondary character, but she’s in enough scenes to grind my gears with her incessant whining and prissiness.

There’s also a mystery aspect, like most books by Evanovich, but the climax is extremely anti-climactic. I know this book isn’t supposed to be hardcore romantic suspense, but the mystery solving is like having the rug pulled from under the reader: quick and totally from left field. There were barely any clues during the book that hinted at who the culprit could be.

Overall I guess you can say I enjoyed this book. I’ll admit that I’m probably giving it more credit than it deserves, only because I’m such a big Evanovich fan. I’m pretty sure I’ll be sticking with Stephanie Plum from now on, though.

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