Review: Savannah’s Ghost Tale by Kali Willows

Savannah's Ghost Tale (1 Night Stand, #45)Savannah’s Ghost Tale by Kali Willows

1 Night Stand // 38 pp. // Paranormal Romance // Decadent Publishing // Oct. 2011

GOODREADS SUMMARY: Savannah Teale has an obsession with the supernatural—to disprove it. An unorthodox Ghost Hunter with a dark secret, she doesn’t believe in life after death. Not anymore. Being romantically challenged since the traumatic death of her fiancé, she has no interest in dating, but her sister’s loving interference has led her to accept a date for a 1Night Stand.

Cameron Evans is one of Savannah’s most handsome, charismatic, and sexy bachelors. He’s an exceptionally gifted tour guide, and a psychic, but hasn’t learned how to turn off his gifts. Since his conversations with the dead are a turn-off for most women—to put it mildly—Cameron has turned to Madame Eve to find a woman who can accept him for himself and all he has to give.

They may be a great match—if a certain, lingering ghost would just step out of the picture.

Savannah’s Ghost Tale is an interesting short read and perfect for a quiet rainy afternoon. Between Cameron’s “I see dead people” secret and Vannah’s paranormal interests, they are a weird, albeit perfect match.

Vannah’s ghost-hunting profession is one that I’ve never come across before, and is definitely a refreshing change of pace from the stereotypical feminine occupations I usually see in romances. Her character is complex, as she struggles to keep a happy face while masking her pain and heartbreak. Her story touched me and I found myself hoping she found the happiness she deserved.

Initially, Cameron comes off as your typical nice-guy hero. While technically there’s nothing wrong with that, it could have easily made him forgettable. However, later in the story — when things get *ahem* interesting — his actions, while still compassionate, make him anything but forgettable. Hooray for character progression!

Also, a side-character note: you can tell Vannah’s sister cares about her a lot, not because she sets her up on a “1NS,” but because she agrees to tag along with her on a haunted tour… As someone who vows never to step foot inside a haunted house, I consider this the ultimate show of sisterly love!

In the end this story was not at all what I expected, which I appreciated. I thought I was in for a lighthearted, quick read, but what I got instead was a story about emotional healing and lot more than a quickie one night stand.

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