Peek to Pique: Hidden Heat by Leah Braemel

Happy Sunday! This week’s Peek to Pique is from a book I just finished reading: Hidden Heat. If you’re new to RtR, Peek to Pique is a weekly feature I created to share snippets of my current read, as well as books on my TBR shelf. The point is to give readers a glimpse (peek) of a book in the hopes to entice (pique) them to add it to their own TBR. A peek to pique your interest. Get it? What can I say, I’m a sucker for alliteration.


"Hidden Heat" by Leah BraemelThe murmuring swelled as they walked into the rotunda. Sandy didn’t need to take off the blindfold to imagine all eyes focusing on her.

She’d always laughed when her friends talked about having a nightmare of being forced to walk naked down the street. No laughter came to her now. She gripped Troy’s arm harder. If she ran down the hallway, could she find her clothes? Not that she had her car here to make a getaway in, but maybe she could find a phone to call a cab?

No. This was one of the things she’d put on her bucket list. She’d not run away like a coward. Besides, as she’d told Troy, he’d make sure she had fun. He wouldn’t let anything bad happen.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Jocelyne’s voice sounded far away, as if perhaps she were on the stairs or perhaps up on one of the balconies that ringed the room. “May I present Miss S., who joins us for her initiation tonight.”

Following Troy’s murmured instructions, Sandy walked up the three steps onto the dais and wrapped her hands around the silk ropes. But when she was instructed to place one foot on the jewelled platform, a woman’s laugh floated down from the balcony. Oh God, she was really doing this. In front of an audience.


Whaddya think? Interested? If you’re still on the fence, keep an eye out for my review of Hidden Heat in the April edition of RT Book Reviews magazine. For more book tidbits, check out all my Peek to Piques here.

ROAMING QUESTION: What are you currently reading? Feel free to share a line or two in the comments!

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