Roaming Around the Web (3)

Time for another R.A.W. roundup!

  • My post on Meet Cutes was featured on the RT Blog! Give it a glance and feel free to share your favorite romance novel “meet cute.”
  • Shannon Stacey’s All He Ever Dreamed (Kowalski Family #6) was released this week and she stopped by the Harlequin blog to tell readers how to fall in love with a Kowalski. Because really, who wouldn’t want a man who looked like this?
  • Attention authors: do you have a book that’s polished & ready to be published? RT mag has a list of publishers currently seeking unsolicited manuscripts. Just make sure to give your story one more pass through Spell Check before sending off your submission!
  • GIF-filled Tumblr sites have been popping up in the blogosphere in what seems like every other day. Most of the time they get swept under the rug with the rest of ’em, but the Life in Publishing blog is one that I truly find hee-larious! If you’re a reader, writer, or publishing professional, I guarantee one (if not all) of these posts will speak to you. Why, just the other day I found myself LOLing at this one because it’s SO me.
  • Speaking of Tumblr, they have partnered with Chronicle Books to host a “Great Tumblr Book Search” contest. If you have a Tumblr blog that you think is perfect for publishing, submit your entry for a chance to share your creation with the rest of the world.
  • You already know I’m a sucker for cute animals doing squee-worthy things. Well, this one takes the cake: Scotland has released a series of photos featuring — wait for it — ponies in sweaters (Yes. Ponies! In sweaters!) in hopes of boosting tourism. According to Mashable, “The ponies, Fivla (red sweater) and Cinnamon (brown sweater), were photographed as part of VistScotland‘s “Year of Natural Scotland” campaign, which aims to celebrate the country’s natural beauty through landscape, art and wildlife.”Fivla & Cinnamon are achingly adorable in their knit sweaters. Amirite??

ROAMING QUESTION: Have you come across anything interesting (romance/book-related or not) in the World Wide Web? If so, please share! Iā€™m especially keen to links that feature cute animals doing even cuter ā€” and quirkier ā€” things.



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