Peek to Pique: Falling for Fin by Jackie Ashenden

In honor of debut author Jackie Ashenden’s first release, today’s Peek to Pique spotlights Falling for Fin, a contemporary romance that features a broken heroine who decides to take back her life… with the help of her gorgeous, surfer-blond friend, Finn.


"Falling for Finn" by Jackie AshendenShe didn’t take her gaze from the floor. “I’m kind of scared about this.”

Something clenched hard inside him at the bald honesty of the statement. At the admission.

“That makes two of us.”

Slowly, she lifted her gaze. Met his. “I thought you weren’t scared of anything.”

“I’m scared of disappointing you. Of frightening you.”

She blinked, as if that wasn’t an answer she’d expected. “I guess if you go slow, it’ll be okay.”

Slow. He wasn’t sure if he could do that. Not after so many years of wanting. Wanting and not having. Yet that’s what she needed.

Finn thought for a minute. “Perhaps you need a safe word.”

“A safe word?” A surprised look on her face. “But isn’t that for bondage type of stuff?” And then, surprise giving way to fear. “I don’t want—”

“No, relax. Christ, I’m not thinking that. All I meant was you having a way of letting me know if anything’s getting too much for you.”

One dark brow rose. “Stop doing that isn’t enough for you?”

Finn stared at her, the reality of what they were about to do sinking slowly into him. The reality of what he needed. And what she needed from him.

“No,” he said. “No, it’s not.” 


*Swoon* Oh, Finn! Hooked? Head over to the Samhain site for more info as well as an extended excerpt!

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