Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving Eve! The holiday wouldn’t be complete without taking a moment to reflect on all the things I’m grateful for this year. Before I begin prepping for tomorrow and tackling recipes in the kitchen, I thought I’d pop in to list a few things that I am blessed to have in my life. Here we go:

  1. My health, of course. From minor surgery to pulled muscles caused by athletic activities (soccer, running, etc.), I’m thankful to my body for being able to keep up and pull through when I needed it most.
  2. Used bookstores and libraries have kept my bookish addiction afloat during the past year of serious penny-pinching. Thanks to my local library and used bookstore, I was still able to get my fiction fix for cheap and/or free.
  3. The beau and I have been together for a long while and I am still as head over heels for him now as I was on Day One. As cheesy as it sounds, he is my rock (go on, it’s okay to roll your eyes) and most definitely my best friend and biggest supporter. He is the only one who can keep my flailing Kermit arms in check!
  4. My month-long trip to Guatemala is an experience I will carry with me throughout the rest of my life. Not only was I able to experience new things, but I also had the chance to meet amazing people while relishing in breathtaking views and different cultures. Oh, and the food — I still salivate when thinking of it!
  5. Bailey, my wily little pup keeps me young and entertained by the little things. I swear, I will never tire of watching her perform her “doggie yoga” stretches and the funny way she eats her kibble like a cow chewing on cud. Absolute hilarity.

Of course, there are more things (both large and small) for which I’m thankful, but I most definitely do not take the above list for granted. Now to crank up some festive tunes while waltzing through the kitchen… Wish me luck that I don’t dig into the sweet potato pie before tomorrow!

ROAMING QUESTION: What are you thankful for this year?

Bookish Books for Bookworms

For a bookworm like myself, the only thing better than reading and books is reading books about books. Did I confuse you there? What I mean is that I’m a sucker for plots centered around books, settings that include libraries and/or bookstores, and characters that are librarians/writers/readers.

After a trip to my charming local library this weekend, I fell even more in love with libraries and bookish establishments. Then I thought, what better way to feed my need for all things book-related than to, well, read about all things book-related? So I sifted through my TBR list and searched for titles that feature libraries, bookstores and/or bookish characters. Unsurprisingly, I had more than a few that fit the bill. Instead of listing them all, I’ve compiled a short list that covers a variety of genres — after all, bookish books span beyond the romance genre!

  • The Major and the Librarian by Nikki Benjamin: A category romance featuring — you guessed it — a major and a librarian. No need to even read the blurb — you had me at “librarian”!
  • How to Buy a Love of Reading by Tanya Egan Gibson: a fictional tale about a girl whose parents try to get her to read by having a book written especially for her.
  • Ex Libris: Confessions of a Common Reader by Anne Fadiman: a collection of essays in which the writer recounts her love of books.
  • Provoke Me by Cari Quinn: Both the hero and heroine manage a bookstore and love books… but can they admit their love for each other?
  • Murder is Binding by Lorna Barrett: the first in a cozy mystery series about an entire town known for its abundance of bookstores.
  • Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan: A contemporary YA featuring two bookish teens, the infamous Strand bookstore, and a crazy fun scavenger hunt around New York City.

Roaming Question: Do you read books about books? If not, what topic or hobby are you a sucker for & can’t help reading about?

I’ve Found Heaven…

…and it’s called the Book Nook. I’ve always considered bookstores my version of candy stores, so when the urge to browse aisles struck, I decided to go somewhere I’ve never been. I did a quick search on Yelp and came across the Book Nook, a used comic/music/book store. Turns out, it was right around the corner from me, which was even better!

Upon entering, I was surrounded by CDs, stacks of comics and the familiar smell of books. My romance-detector immediately started beeping and I found my way over to the romance section.

Oh. Em. Gee. I found the Holy Grail! There were two aisles solely dedicated to romances and series romances! I know two aisles doesn’t seem like much, but there were a LOT of books crammed onto those shelves. From vintage, taboo books dating the 1970s, to recent contemporaries, to Harlequin and Silhouette series I’ve never even heard of (more on that later)… I could go on and on. Needless to say, I was overcome with elation and overwhelming giddiness. I knew off bat I could easily spend all day in those two sections alone, but I calmed myself and decided to just stay for an hour. After all, I already knew I would be coming back *very* soon.

I thumbed through as many books as I could before finally settling on four varying titles. Grand total? $10. Can’t beat that! Plus, since I was a first-time customer, I received two “Nook bucks,” each good for $1 off my next purchase.

They say that once you go to heaven there’s no going back, but I’ve been to heaven and I plan on going back again…and again…and again. :)

ROAMING QUESTION: What’s your personal ‘heaven’? How did you find it?