Murder, She Read

Murder She Readjessica fletcherAnyone who’s a fan of mystery series — be it TV shows, movies, or books — is bound to be familiar with the popular show Murder, She Wrote. Even though the show debuted years before I was born, I remember catching the reruns that seemed to always air in marathons — perfect for binge-watching at all hours of the day. I have fond memories of watching it with my grandma and as soon as I found out it was on Netflix I added it to my Favorites list ASAP.

A few years back while I was browsing a used bookstore I came across a Murder, She Wrote serial book. I’d heard of other TV shows that had been made into print series (i.e., Star Trek, Monk, The X-Files), but how had I missed that one of my favorite shows had been translated into books?? The series is written in first person and chronicles Jessica Fletcher and her mystery-solving adventures across the globe — exactly like the TV show!

One of the things I love most is that the books are all “written” by Jessica Fletcher, with Donald Bain as the co-author. Bain, who is the actual author, does an excellent job of capturing Mrs. Fletcher’s style and has been the sole writer of the series since the release of the first book, Gin and Daggers, in 1989.

Though Gin and Daggers was released in ’89 the series didn’t really kick off until after the second book (Manhattans and Murder) was released in 1994. Since then, more than 40 books have been published — all of which I’ve been working to add to my personal collection.

It’s no secret I’m a sucker for series; there’s something comforting about going back to the same town or set of characters. With the Murder She Wrote series, I’m able to tag along with Mrs. Fletcher and revisit Cabot Cove, which is especially comforting to me. With nearly 50 books already published (and no sign of the series stopping either!) it looks like I’ll be able to enjoy this classic cozy mystery series for a good while.

My Murder, She Wrote collection thus far :)