Roaming Around the Web (4)

Time for another R.A.W. roundup!

  • Planning for Love by Christi Barth is currently free on Amazon. A contemporary romance that is the first book in the Aisle Bound series, it’s a must-download! Look out for the next book in the series, A Fine Romance, which will be released March 13.
  • Kristie (aka Kindle Gal) from Kindles and Wine posted a Q&A where she answers questions from bloggers (including myself!) and gives readers a behind-the-scenes peek at her personal/blogging life.
  • I’m sure you’re familiar with those awesome old-school pulp fiction posters —  you know, the ones that were on the covers of hard-boiled stories from the ’50s. Well, now you can make your own with the Pulp-O-Mizer tool! Totally free and completely customizable, the Pulp-O-Mizer will make a pulp fiction cover for your blog, book or Facebook page. I’m planning on making one & maybe even ordering a notebook or coffee mug with my print on it.
  • I come across random web videos all the time, but this one in  particular was SO awesome that I just had to share it: Soldiers imitating a “Call Me Maybe” video originally performed by the Dolphin Cheerleaders. The way those guys get into it totally. Makes. My. Day. If there’s one video you watch it’s this one, trust me!
  • And lastly, an app recommendation from me to you: Songza, a music site that plays songs based on your mood/setting/etc. For instance, right now it is Friday morning and the “Concierge” suggests playlists for: Working (no lyrics), Brand New Music, Working (with lyrics), Easing into the Day, and Enjoying the Morning. Cool, right? Best part: it’s free & ad-free! (PS: it’s also available on your computer if you don’t want to download the phone app)

ROAMING QUESTION: Have you come across anything interesting (romance/book-related or not) in the World Wide Web? If so, please share! I’m especially keen to links that feature cute animals doing even cuter — and quirkier — things.

Roaming Around the Web (2)

It’s been a while since my last R.A.W. post, but with a new year, there’s all sorts of new and interesting bookish news and happenings.

  • Exclusively Yours, the first book in Shannon Stacey’s famous Kowalski Family series is currently *free* on Kindle and Nook. I’ve heard nothing but great things about this series so when I found out book one was free I downloaded it ASAP! I definitely can’t wait to read this one.
  • Harlequin is releasing a new imprint called KISS. The stories will feature “edgy, modern day characters” and is set to release next month in North America. The first batch of titles are already available for pre-order and to kick off the new line, Harlequin is currently offering Waking Up Married by Mira Lyn Kelly for free (Kindle/Nook) to give readers a taste of the KISS line.

    With my personal Harlequin challenge in the works, I’m adding the KISS line to books that count toward the challenge. Also, two words about the covers: bright and cheery. As someone who judges books by their covers, I’m already in love!

  • Reports of the USA’s first book-less library have been floating around the interwebs this week, making waves in the book world. Reactions have varied between embracing the technological advancement and outrage at the paperless blasphemy. According to reports, the 5,000 square-foot space will resemble an Apple store and patrons will be able to check out ereaders and ebooks, as well as use the library’s computers and tablets.

    A library without books? I dunno… What do you think about it?

  • As per my 2013 bookish resolutions, I’ve been on the prowl for books to read that are outside my usual romance genre. As if on cue, I came across this list of 13 most anticipated YA books on the RT blog. Cha-ching!

ROAMING QUESTION: Have you come across anything interesting (romance/book-related or not) in the World Wide Web? If so, please share! I’m especially keen to links that feature cute animals doing even cuter — and quirkier — things.

Listen While You Eat

Happy Thanksgiving, guys ‘n gals! Hope your day is filled with healthy portions of food, family and good fortune. I’ll keep this post brief, since today is about family, but I wanted to share a quick tidbit of advice before diving fork-first into my mom’s famous sweet potatoes.

Picture this: First round of dinner is over and it’s time to break before dessert. The football fans in your family have all gathered around the TV to watch the game and there’s a content, lazy smile on your face. You’re waiting to digest (hence the unbuttoned top button of your jeans) and decided to pass the time by cracking open the book you stashed in your bag, but you know that as soon as you turn the page, you’ll be out quicker than a cracked light bulb.

One word: audiobook. Today is the perfect time to fulfill your bookish needs audibly. It’s the perfect solution if you think about it. You can kick back on the couch, let your eyes drift close, and still continue to read along! Plus, it tunes out the sounds of  family members’ whooping and hollering at the TV (football fans, I tell ya!) and there’s no need to worry about inadvertently reading the same sentence over and over because you keep looking up to make sure no one’s snuck a taste of the pumpkin pie.

If you’re on board with this idea (And why wouldn’t you be? It’s genius!) but don’t have any audiobooks on hand, don’t fret! Despite the holiday, it’s not too late to pick out your choice of audiobooks. Here are a few sites that offer instant audiobook downloads:

I’ve already scoured the sites and am down to six choices (I know, I know — I’m terrible at choosing), so I’m all set! Now, my bookish friends, it’s your turn. So while last-minute preparations are being made and there’s a lull in family obligations, hop on the net and search for your perfect Thanksgiving read (listen?). Enjoy!

ROAMING QUESTION: Which Thanksgiving dish will you be going back to for seconds?

Roaming Around the Web

Howdy! Consider this the first edition of Roaming Around the Web, a linkfest for romance and bookish-related happenings. Depending on how much good stuff I come across during the week, R.A.W. posts will range from lengthy to short ‘n sweet. Yikes… One paragraph in and this post is already dripping with double entendre (including this sentence). Shall we begin?

  • One of my fave authors, Carly Phillips, waxed poetic on the Penguin blog on what makes a contemporary romance. It’s no secret that I’m a sucker for small-town romance, and Ms. Phillips does an excellent job at articulating why they’re just so darn charming (and addictive!).
  • What’s better than scoring a new read? Scoring a free new read. Double it and you’ve got yourself a surefire good time. Currently, Ripped Apart (a romantic suspense by Miriam Minger) and At His Mercy (an erotic short story by Alison Kent) are listed as freebies in the Kindle store. If you’re anything like me, you’ve already DL’d them or you’re eagerly clicking the links before you can even finish reading this sentence!
  • Ever wondered what goes on in editors’ minds while wading through the slush pile? Thanks to Carina Press Exec Editor Angela James’ Edit Report, your burning questions can be quelled. Her most recent report answered questions like what percent of submissions are sent R&R (revise and resubmit) letters (A: 5%) and what type of books do editors decide to accept (A: Said of recently acquired book, “I love [its] vivid small town setting, rich secondary romance & how author explores the complex family dynamics.”). Be sure to follow @AngelaJames and/or her #editreport on Twitter for more of her behind-the-scenes POV in the world of editing & books.

ROAMING QUESTION: Have you come across anything interesting (romance/book-related or not) in the World Wide Web? If so, please share! I’m especially keen to links that feature cute animals doing even cuter — and quirkier — things.