What’s in Your Bag… Bella Swan?

Confession time: I have a weird obsession with getting a peek inside other people’s bags. Those magazine features that show you what celebs tote around in their purses? Love them. Pinterest pics that give you a glimpse of what to carry in your school or gym bag? Can’t get enough of ’em.

What’s in Your Bag is a new feature that combines books with my curiosity and speculates what characters in books I’ve read would carry in their own bag.

The items I curate are based on the character’s personality & hobbies, facts mentioned in the book, and a little of my own imagination. If you have an idea of a character you’d like to see featured on WIYB, or you think of something they’d have in their bag that I didn’t list, leave a comment and let me know your thoughts!

In the first installment of What’s in Your Bag, we get a glimpse inside Bella Swan’s backpack:

Whats in your bag1WIYB bella swan

  • Because Bella is a no-frills kinda girl, she wouldn’t carry around a purse but a simple, worn canvas backpack instead.
  • Ray Ban sunglasses are cool without trying to be cool. Plus, she needs to shield her eyes from Edward’s sparkly bod when he starts to shine too brightly.
  • Every girl carries around lip balm. Bella carries Burt’s Bees because it’s practical and gets the job done.
  • Music is a must, so it only makes sense she has an iPod to listen to her favorite classical symphonies (including “Bella’s Lullaby”) on the go.
  • Bella is a bookworm who probably always has a book in her bag. Since Wuthering Heights is her favorite book, it only makes sense that she’s carrying it around as she reads it for the hundredth time.
  • Whether it’s to just keep her hair out her face, or pull it up in a quick ponytail to keep the vamps from sniffing her out, having an endless supply of hair ties is a given.
  • Between school and her supernatural life, Bella leads a hectic life. So when she needs to pull an all-night study sesh, keep up with Edward, or hang out Jacob and his wolf pack, she can maintain her energy with a quick snack. Plus, the potassium in bananas is great for preventing anemia (for the occasional vamp bite).

Bella Swan is the teenaged heroine in Stephanie Meyer’s YA supernatural Twilight series.