A Bibliophile’s Holiday

Today is one of my favorite non-traditional holidays. A day dedicated to people obsessed with books — um, hello? That’s me! And with an upcoming vacation mere days away, there’s no better time than today to not only procrastinate packing by reading ’til my heart’s content, but to also start planning which books I plan on taking with me when I go out of town. Thanks to my trusty Kindle, I can “pack” as many books as I want, not limiting myself to however many I can stuff inside my suitcase and carry-on. Gotta love technology!

As for what type of books I plan on dropping in my vacation TBR folder, I’m looking for quintessential beach reads. After coming off a serious romantic suspense streak, I’m definitely in the mood for something more lighthearted and fun. That includes not only contemporary romance, but also a bit of YA, perhaps some chic-lit, and also a few jaunty short stories as well (see Decadent Publishing’s 1 Night Stand series). I’m sure more will be added as the days (okay, hours) go by, but here’s an at-a-glance look at which books I plan on taking with me:

  • About Last Night – Heard about this one through the blogging grapevine and I can’t help wanting to check it out for myself.
  • Slow Summer Kisses – With its short story format and summer setting, this seems like the perfect vacation read.
  • Wanderlove – A YA with a traveling MC who’s currently searching for herself. Appropriate for plane reading, no?
  • Goalie Interference – With all the Olympics hullabaloo going on, a sports-themed story seemed like a no-brainer.
  • Southern Comfort – I enjoyed Western Ties (book 4), so it only makes sense that I indulge in another installment of the Compass Brothers series.

I’ll only be gone ten days, but hey, when it comes to books, you can never be overpacked or too prepared. Am I right? Well, I’m off to read — er, pack. I mean pack. Happy holidays, fellow book lovers!

ROAMING QUESTION: What books are in your vacation bag? Do you typically take physical books or ebooks? Or a mix of both? I wanna know!

Back to Life, Back to Reality

Ahoy there! It’s been a few weeks since my last post because… I’ve been on vacation! I’ve mentioned wanting to get away before, and I finally got the chance to escape all the go-go-go and stress of life with a trip to sunny California for a much-needed break from, well, everything.

While there, I spent my days basking in desert heat, rubbing elbows with celebrities (sort of), and enjoying the Pacific ocean breeze. After two weeks of bright weather and a relaxing pace, it’s no surprise that I was a little bummed to have to return home and back to reality. Don’t get me wrong, being home isn’t all bad — it’s good to see my pup and sleep in my own bed — but I wish there was a way I could have both: west coast beaches as well as the east coast routine I’m used to.

Apparently I’m not the only one who wants to have her cake and eat it too; Grace Mills, the heroine in my current read, Craving Perfect (out this month from Carina Press), is sure her life would be perfect “if only” she were a size two, and “if only” that cute guy would notice her. Until one day she wakes up and realizes that in addition to her normal, hum-drum life, she’s living her ideal, “if only” life. At first, straddling the two extremely alternative lives seems like the perfect solution, but Grace soon realizes that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Is there a way to combine the two, or will she have to choose one path to permanently travel?

Everyone dreams of an “if only” life, and despite the old adage “be careful what you wish for,” I still wouldn’t mind having swaying palm trees in the background as I work and go about my daily obligations.

ROAMING QUESTION: If you could have an “if only” to make your life perfect, what would you wish for?

Summer Solstice Series

Suuuuuuummertime, and the livin’s easy hot. 95º hot, to be exact — at least here in Georgia, that is. Today is the first day of summer, which means we’re in the throes of humid mornings, scorching afternoons and sweltering nights. In honor of the summer solstice, I thought it was only appropriate to ring in the new season with a list of smokin’ hot series to stuff into your beach bag. Why a series? Well, everyone knows that when it comes summer reads, you can’t stop at just one! With so much free time on my hands, I know I need at least three books — per week — to satisfy me during summer vacation. Whether you’re heading out of town or soaking up some indoor A.C., there’s a series to accompany you on whatever type of vacation you’ve got planned.


Bathing suit? Check. Sunscreen? Check. Perfect beach/poolside weather? Check. If you’re spending the day splashing around and under an umbrella, then you’ll want to tuck Carly Phillips’ Hot Zone series into your beach bag. The series is comprised of four books, which pulls back the curtain of a sports PR agency and its oh-so-sexy employees.

Looking for something that’s sure to melt your ice cream cone? Lora Leigh’s Nauti series is for you! There are six books in the series — each focusing on a different smouldering, trouble-is-their-middle-name cousin. Warning: this series is sure to leave you flustered, so be sure you have a bottle of water close by!

If your plans include camping, hiking, or any other type of outdoorsy adventure, Julie Garwood’s Buchanan series is for you. Begin with Heartbreaker, the first of eight sexy romantic suspenses, guaranteed to give you chills and wish for your own hero to snuggle up to for protection. With so many books in the series, it’s likely that you may have to extend your vacation just so you can read them all!

If summer for you means swimming, playing beach volleyball or watching a ball game, then you’ll want to scoop up Rachel Gibson’s Chinook Hockey Team series. In each of the six books, the chemistry between the couples will leave you hot, while the hockey elements are sure to cool you down. Don’t be surprised if you forgo a few games in favor of finishing these delicious reads!

Hopefully one of these series will keep you sated during what is sure to be a very long and very hot summer. And remember, always wear sunscreen!

ROAMING QUESTION: Do you have another series that you think should be included? If so, what and what type of summer plans should they accompany?